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Trekking in Uttarakhand and Himalayas of India

Trekking in Uttarakhand Himalayas provide backpackers an amazing opportunity to encounter the mighty mountains through its unique blend of upper and lower ranges flourishing with river, waterfalls, wildlife. Uttarakhand Himalayas has scores of 6000+ meters peaks, over 1000 streams & rivers, important glaciers and plethora of flora & fauna to keep you wondering. Because of the regions unique geographical diversity and the abode of Hinduism, millions of enthusiasts visit Uttarakhand state every year and get mesmerised with the scenic beauty of this mountainous region. Nature lovers trek its difficult terrain and play a hard sport.  

The mighty Himalayas have tested the excursionists passion since time immemorial. Mountaineers always wanted to peak high Himalayas and it was only in last 100 years that most of the Himalayas peaks were climbed by dedicated mountaineers. Human settlements in Uttarakhand Himalayas lead to the origin of more than 150 prominent trekking trails. The lonely trails of these mountains, especially of trans-Himalayan mountains, offers spectacular view of Great Himalayan peaks while you trek through Himalayan forests of Oak, Rhododendron and Alpine. Uttarakhand Himalayas is home to Snow Leopards, Himalayan Brown Bear and the Himalayan Black Bear as the top predators of these mountains. 

Within the Uttarakhand Himalayas there are numerous options of picking a suitable trek for your group. From a leisure 1-2 days hike to weeks-long glacier and peak climbing expeditions the options are in abundance. And with IntoWild you are trusting the team of mountain experts who can deliver the most memorable experience while working against unpredictable Himalayan conditions. Backpack hiking, ancient trails, peak climbing, glacier tours, camping amidst pristine surrounding is aplenty in Uttarakhand Himalayas and our skilled mountain guides and Sherpa would make a difficult trek appear very easy.  

The diversity of treks include village trails (cultural tours), wildlife tracking treks, ancient temple treks. Our Himalayan trekking package usually include camp accommodation, packed lunch & snacks and lot of scenic views to keep your cameras busy. But with peak climbing or even glacier tours your day would be slowly moving through the peak equipped with oxygen supplies and other highly necessary precautions, 

Uttarakhand Himalayas is home to India's highest mountain peak - the mighty Nandadevi peak (7,816 m), which is highest peak completely in India and always a mountaineers dream. However, climbing Nanda devi is prohibited because of the radiation fears from plutonium-powered device used by CIA, which was lost in an avalanche back in 1960's. (Only Nanda devi East [7434 meters] remains open for exploration from the east side).

Nanda devi peak is the highest of many peaks that touches sky in Uttarakhand Himalayas. Chaukhamba, Kamet, Shivling, Kedardome, Nandaghunti, Trishul, Dunagiri are some of those others that needs many months of accurate planning and massive human daring to climb. They are tough, technical, rugged mountains and only few of those who have tons of courage can think of going for peak climbing. Those with serious intents of peak climbing get in touch with us.

Note: To climb to any of the peaks you need prior permissions from Indian Mountaineering Federation (IMF). Prior planning with a tour operator would tremendously unburden your expedition arrangements. Below are some of the trekking options that sways through forests and around deep gorges of mystic and mighty Himalayan mountains.



This much revered trek in trans-Himalayan region of Uttarakhand is indeed one of the finest anywhere in the world. The Kuari Pass trek zig-zags through the Nandadevi Biosphere Reserve and offers plethora of greater-Himalayan views. The trek is challenging, adrenaline filled yet soothing to mind and heart. If there is anywhere one must trek then Kuari Pass is rated amongst the best trekking option in mountains.

To accomplish this trek one start from Ghat/Sailbagarh and get out at Auli. Learn more about the Kuari Pass trek using this hyperlink.


Kuari Pass trek can be shortened when one takes the shortened corridor. It means one can do the trek between Auli and Tapoban in either direction. The highlight of this shorter trek is the Gorson pass – which is a very narrow trail in the Gorson Mountain of about 3-4 kilometers. It is a delight but can leave heart-in-mouth because of its steep fall. However, the trail has been used for many years by locals, shepherds and trekkers.


* Rated as the #1 spiritual tour destination on earth by Lonely Planet.

Gomukh is the snout of Gangotri glacier from where the river Bhagirathi comes alive on earth.


The Gangotri glacier lies below Bhagirathi peak, hence the name Bhagirathi river. The river get its popular name Ganges only in Devprayag when its confluences with another prime river Alaknanda.

The trek to Gomukh – the source of Ganges – starts from Gangotri is 17 km one way.



Tugnath temple holds religious importance to Hindus. The temple lies at 3680m above MSL and is 3.5 km trek from starting point Chopta. A little less than 2 km further ahead is Chandrashila Top the highest point of this mountain. It is an excellent destination for a 2-3 days trekking option in trans-Himalayas.

Info of Chopta Tungnath Temple Trek.


Mayali Pass trek is the road less traveled. Chancing Mayali Pass at about 5200 meters above MSL and witnessing holy lakes of Mahasartal and Vasuki tal. 

The Khatling Glacier (above) and Thalay Sagar peak are visible as soon as you reach Chowki campsite. 


The Skeleton Lake, highly mysterious and close Hindus religious sentiments can be visited only during a few particular days of the year as it is a Glacial lake. The trek to mystery lake leaves you spellbound. Situated an an altitude of 4700m above MSL, the skeleton lake offers you a magnificent view of Himalayan peaks. The most captivating part about Roopkund lake trek is the presence of skeleton remains that are seen in and around the lake. Trekking to this lake needs well equipped trekking team, right timing and lot of stamina.  


The Valley of Flowers is a World Heritage Site. The blossoming flower at its prime during the Indian monsoon season is an unforgettable site. The park is a national park and also homes some endangered wildlife species.

Detailed information about this destination is provided at The Valley of Flowers page of this website.


The meadows of Panwalikantha amidst trans-Himalayas have lured mankind for many long years. In past Hindus found way into this part of the world to attain peace and probably their way towards God. Today, Panwalikantha is chased by avid trekkers simply because of its scenic property and challenge combined together.

The trek is approachable from two sides and the best-case-scenario would be to start from one side (Triyuginayan or Ghuttu) and turning up at other (Triyuginayan or Ghuttu). Expected time-line for trek is about 5 days, but it absolutely depends on the speed of the group.


Nag Tibba, literally meaning the Seprents Peak gets its name from the Nag Tibba Range of lower Himalayas. The good thing is the Nag Tibba trek is accessible throughout the year as it is situated in lesser Himalayas. Unless there is a fresh snowfall one can plan a trekking expedition to Nag Tibba anytime of the year. The highest point (Nag Tibba top) is 3048 meters above MSL.

Unlike other high altitude trekking expedition in Himalayas one can plan a trek to Nag Tibba with much moderate supplies. All one needs is enthusiasm and some amount of stamina. And of-course some planning with experienced trekking operators like us.


The Lake Baraadsar lake/Ridge trek (covers Obra and Supin Valley) is less popular trek in Uttarakhand but amass with flora, fauna and views of greater Himalayas. The trek distance is about 65 km walking and ideally takes 5 days of hiking.

The trek to this pristine glacial lake amidst Himalayan peaks provides trekkers with an unmatched view of Himalayan peaks along with an opportunity to pass through Himalayan forests and opportunities to witness rare Himalayan wildlife. The Baraadsar lake was confined only to the locals till not long ago before it got explored and today it is enjoyed by mountaineers from across the world

The trek lies amidst the magnificent Govind Pashu Vihar wildlife sanctuary.


KUNJAPURI TEMPLE ONE DAY TREK* Kunjapuri is a temple dedicated to Kunja devi goddess and an important temple from locals perspective. The citizen of Rishikesh and nearby villages regards this temple as a shrine vital for the well-being of the people. The temple is on top of a hill and is visible from most corners of Rishkesh. The road distance to the temple is approx 22 km from Rishkesh. But the best way to reach temple is to follow a serpentine trek of about 10 kms from Rishikesh. The trail is beautiful to say the least. The trek to Kunjapuri takes one from 400 m above mean sea level (MSL) to a height of approximately 1650 m above MSL. The trek goes through a number of villages nestled in the lower Himalayas (the Shivalik range). The rice paddy fields and a various other agricultural products. Kunjapuri Temple Trek is ideal for beginners. 


Finest routes for Trekking in Uttarakhand

Enjoy the mighty mountains with IntoWild and explore Himalayas like never before. We are committed towards ecotourism and invest energy and time to conserve the nature. Below we are listing the best treks of Uttarakhand and other Himalayan states. Each link is directed to our parent website that contains detailed information about the trek. You can write to us or call 24x7 to learn more about these treks. 

Kalindikhal Pass Trek: Kalindikhal Trek in Garhwal Himalayas is a once in lifetime opportunity to unearth the aweinspiring beauty of central Himalayas and a chance to witness the most amazing peaks that abounds Garhwal Himalaya range.

Kedarnath Temple Trek: Situated in Kedarnath Musk Deer Sanctuary, the famous Kedarnath temple is one of the four shrines of Char Dham Yatra.

Kedar Tal Lake Trek: A high altitude lake trek with a difficult terrain to negotiate.

Panch Kedar Trek: Trek to five Shiva temples located in Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand.

Sahastra Tal Lake Trek: The trek to the Hundred lakes - arduous but highly rewarding.

Gomukh-Tapovan-Nandanvan Trek: The Ganges Source at Gomukh - the snout of Gangotri glacier - and over the glacier to Tapovan makes this corridor a fabulous trekking experience. Another days hike to Nandavan takes you around the Mount Shivling. Trekking to this region is truly a mesmerizing experience.

Pindari Glacier Trek: Trek to zero point to witness this magnificent glacier. It is a medium category trek into the isolated Himalayan region.

Dodi tal Lake Trek: A visit to Dodi tal is not just adventurous, but spiritual as well. You will love to witness the local Himalayan culture.

Sapt Kund Lakes Trek: Sapt kund is a cluster of seven (7) lakes in the foothills of Nandaghunti and the Trident peaks.

Dayara Bugyal Trek: The pristine meadows (Bugyal) of Dayara are breathtaking. Trekking and camping is a great opportunity to unwind and trek through trans Himalayan terrain.

Dharansi Pass Trek: An unknown trail - ideal for trekkers seeking isolation.


Auden's Col Trek: High altitude pass, which is more of an expedition and less of a trek.


Kedar Dome Peak Climbing: The beautiful peak of Kedar Dome is sacred to Hindus and a massive challenge to Mountaineers.

: A virgin trekking trail to this virgin lake is surely amongst the most beautiful places on our planet trek...

: A lake full of mystery that can leave you awestruck. The trek to Kagbhusandi lake is full of...


Har Ki Dun Trek: Popular trek of Uttarakhand, especially for beginners wanting to hike away for a week or so.

Vasuki Tal Lake Trek: Just 22-km (one-way) trek can be accomplished in 4-5 days.

Nachiketa Tal Lake Trek
: Small trek but refreshing, ideal for a day out in mountains.

Masar Tal Lake Trek
: A high altitude lake on route to Mayali Pass.

Satopanth Tal Lake Trek: Starting from Mana and includes trek to BC of Swargarohini and Neelkanth peaks.

Rupin Pass Trek: The Rupin Pass backpacking trek begins from western Uttarakhand and ends up in eastern Himachal Pradesh.

Painya Tal Lake Trek: The trek route to Painya Tal is decently steep uphill climb and often gets strenuous physically and mentally.

Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra 2013: Once in a dozen year opportunity to partcipate in Nanda devi raj jat yatra due to happen in 2013.

Milam Glacier Trek: Situated in Kumaon, Uttarakhand this trek also include the detour hike to Nanda Devi East BC Trek and Pachu Glacier.


Panpatia Pass Col Trek: One of the least explored treks that connects shrines of Kedarnath with Badrinath.


Trekking in J&K

Stok Kangri Peak Climb: A trekking peak at 6200 meters, ideal for amateurs who wish to go higher Himalayas without so much of effort.

Markha Valley Trek: Trekking through the Snow Leopard region in Indian Himalayas in Ladakh region.

Darcha Padum / Zanskar Trek
: A trek dotted with monasteries, wildlife, scenic peaks and rivers.


Trekking in Himachal Pradesh

Ladakhi Peak and Beas Kund Trek
: Climbing Ladakhi is not like a typical peak climbing experience, yet it offers unsurpassed beauty of Himalayas all throughout the trek.

Kinner Kailash Trek: Pursue an awesome trek to Kinner Kailash peak and do the Parikrama.



weebly statistics

A) WINTER TREKS (November - March)

Mussoorie-Nagtibba Trek

05 days

Mussoorie-Bhadraj Temple

02 days

Rishikesh - Chandrabadni

03 days


02 days


07 days


07 days


07 days

Rishikesh-Kalsi Lakhamandal

07 days