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Corbett Tiger Reserve - Jim Corbett National Park

About the park

Corbett Tiger Reserve is paradise of Tigers. The park is constitutes the highest number of wild Tigers in any forest zone in India or the world. Corbett Tiger Reserve is also India’s oldest reserved forest when it was conceived as Hailey’s park to conserve its diverse flora and fauna. Today, Corbett Tiger Reserve is a hotbed for Tiger Research projects by prominent NGO’s. For tourists the magnificent forest offers fresh air, opportunity to see Tigers, Leopards, Elephants, Chital, Sambhar, hundreds of bird species and whole lot bio-diversity of flora. But most importantly it is a place to unwind and get up close to nature.


Corbett Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand is spread across 1318 sq km and it the park in India with the highest density of as censused during Project Tiger. There are arouund 250 Tigers in the Reserve. Corbett Tiger Reserve is situated in Uttarakhand state in northern India at the foothills of Himalayas – partly in the Shivalik range of mountains and a large range falling under the Terrai Arc that makes this park a great haven for animals which require large range to flourish. The park is named after the legendary hunter Jim Corbett who was called upon to hunt and shoot ferocious Tiger and Leopards who had turned into man-eaters. Those encounters have been penned in several books by Jim himself. As a mark of respect this unique forest land is named upon him.

Wanna explore?

Contact us and we will find an appropriate camping itinerary in and around Corbett Tiger Reserve. Since we are into serious outdoors we organize a camping activity near the park boundaries and not those stereotype wildlife safaris. (Note that camping within the park boundary is not feasible unless it is some research project). Nevertheless, we ensure that we try to quench your needs in best possible fashion. We would love to know what you exactly looking for so we can offer a deal that you cannot refuse.


Sad but true - (Above) In a recent incident a man-eater Tiger was gunned down around Corbett Tiger Reserve

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