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Nanda Devi National Park - Uttarakhand - INDIA

Area: 243.4 sq miles (630.3 km²)
Region: Chamoli, Uttarakhand - India
Wildlife: Himalayan Black Bear, Himalayan Brown Bear, Snow Leopard, common Leopard, Himalayan Civets, Yellow Throated Marten
Accessibility: Innermost (core) region entry is banned. One can trek to the Biosphere Reserve region of the park.

Nandadevi National Park and Biosphere Reserve is a World Heritage Site as inscribed by UNESCO. In reality it is a place on earth with abundance of pristine beauty. The park is essentially glacial mountains with several historical Himalayan glacier nestled within this mountain range. The Nanda Devi peak at 7816 m (highest peak completely inside India) lies in Nanda devi sanctuary. The park got opened for public recently in 2002, ever since the fear of nuclear spill in the peaks of Nandadevi. Nandadevi Peak-I is still not opened for expediton.  

 The Mighty NANDA DEVI PEAK in its true colors

Nanda devi national park hosts some of the unique wildlife species and is home to the ghostly Snow Leopard. A recent clicking of a Snow Leopard (in April, 2011) in the reserve park area in Malari Valley through a camera trap confirms the presence of this growl-less cat that is on brink of extinction. Sighting of Snow Leopard by our trekking crew ensures that the population of this cat is intact if not flourishing. 

Nanda devi park and biosphere reserve also hosts the ferocious Himalayan Brown Bear and the Asiatic Black Bear within park range. Leopard, Serow, Himalayan Tahr, Himalayan Musk Deer are few of the other common wildlife beings that you will surely observe within this 630 sq km park zone.

With IntoWild you can pursue the great Tracking of Snow Leopard in the higher Himalayan region of Nanda Devi National park. Trekkers can visit up-to Dharansi Pass area via Lata Kharak. This region provides a great opportunity to sight a Snow Leopard. Those who are dedicated towards conservation or experts (scientist, filmmakers) can count on our tremendous expertise to explore Himalayan wildlife in its most natural state.

The famous Gorson and Kuari pass trek popularly knows as the Lord Curzon Trail also lies within this park range. Detailed information about Kuari Pass Trek is available at our parent website, the link given below.


Panoramic view of Himalayas from Kuari Pass (above)

 Big peaks of Indian Himalayas that are within or in close vicinity of Nanda Devi National Park:

Hanuman: 6,075 m (19,931 ft)
Dunagiri: 7,066 m (23,182 ft)
Nanda Devi East: 7,434 m (24,390 ft)
Nanda Khat: 6,611 m (21,690 ft)
Maiktoli: 6,803 m (22,320 ft)
Trisul I, II, III: 7,120
meters (23,360 ft), 6,690 meters (21,949 ft), 6,008 m (19,711 ft)
Bethartoli Himal: 6,352 m (20,840 ft)
Trishuli: 7,074 m (23,209 ft)
Nanda Kot: 6,861 m (22,510 ft)

See the pictures of big peaks of Uttarakhand Himalayas

Nanda Devi National Park, a world Heritage site

weebly statistics

Hanuman: 6,075 m (19,931 ft)
Dunagiri: 7,066 m (23,182 ft)
Changabang: 6,864 m (22,520 ft)
Kalanka: 6,931 m (22,740 ft)
Rishi Pahar: 6,992 m (22,940 ft)
Mangraon: 6,568 m (21,549 ft)
Deo Damla: 6,620 m (21,719 ft)
Bamchu: 6,303 m (20,679 ft)
Sakram: 6,254 m (20,518 ft)
Latu Dhura: 6,392 m (20,971 ft)
Nanda Devi East: 7,434 m (24,390 ft)
Nanda Khat: 6,611 m (21,690 ft)
Panwali Doar (or "Panwali Dwar"): 6,663 m (21,860 ft)
Maiktoli: 6,803 m (22,320 ft)
Mrigthuni: 6,855 m (22,490 ft)
Trisul I, II, III: 7,120 metres (23,360 ft), 6,690 metres (21,949 ft), 6,008 m (19,711 ft)
Bethartoli Himal: 6,352 m (20,840 ft)
Hardeol: 7,151 m (23,461 ft) (northeast corner)
Trishuli: 7,074 m (23,209 ft) (just beyond Hardeol)
Nanda Kot: 6,861 m (22,510 ft) (southeast corner)