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Nandadevi Rajjat Yatra 2014



The Nanda Devi Rajjat Yatra is a homage goddess Nanda Devi, who after spending few days at her mother place returns back to her inlaws. This proceeding of her return is called Raj jat - originally started about 500 years ago by the ruler of Garhwal & Kumaon.  

Yatra with IntoWild
IntoWild is organizing a special Nanda Raj jat yatra package tour for devotees who wishes to be a part of this mystical journey. Since the yatra goes through difficult Himalayan terrain and through very small villages it is advisable to join this yatra only after making all the necessary arrangements. Ample protection from Rain, Dampness and Chill-waves are mandatory while pursuing Raj jat yatra. 

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Nanda Devi Rajjat Yatra Facts:
Dates: Aug 18 to Spet 06, 2014
Duration: 19 Days
Starting Point: Nauti village (near Karnprayag)
Finishing Point: Nauti village (near Karnprayag)

 Nandadevi Rajjat Yatra Route Map



Nanda Devi Raj Jat 2014 Yatra Program


Yatra Program

August 18

Yatra begins from Nauti village and reach Idabadhani

August 19

Idabadhani to Nauti

August 20

Nauti to Kansuwa

August 21

Kansuwa to Sem

August 22

Sem to Koti

August 23

Koti to Bhagwati

August 24

Bhagwati to Kulsari

August 25

Kulsari to Chepdnue

August 26

Chepdnue to Nandkesari

August 27

Nandkesari to Faldiagaon

August 28

Faldiagaon to Mundoli

August 29

Mundoli to Wan

August 30

Wan to Gairoli Patal

August 31

Gairoli Patal to Bedni

September 01

Bedni to Patar Nachaunia

September 02

Patar Nachaunia to Shilasamudra (via Roopkund lake)

September 03

Shilasamudra to Homkund Lake and Chandaniyaghat

September 04

Chandaniyaghat to Sutol

September 05

Sutol to Ghat

September 06

Ghat to Nauti


Detaild information about Nanda Raj jat yatra is also available at our parent website. Please click the link below:
ALERT: During the yatra offenses pertaining to hunting of endangered species and altering of boundaries of protected areas would lead to conviction. Make sure you join this yatra with good spirit and faith.

Follow the link for detailed info on Wildlife Act enacted in India : -

The Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972