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Rajaji National Park – Uttarakhand

About the park

Rajaji national park lies in the Uttarakhand state of India and spreads across 829 square kilometer of rugged terrain. The national park is part of the Terrai Arc that goes parallel to the great Himalayan range. Rajaji park shares its corridor with the famous Corbett Tiger Reserve.  

A vast majority of the park is mountainous, almost inaccessible forest range. And this makes Rajaji national park one of the most pristine places on earth. A great mix of grasslands, wetlands, dense forest and mountainous reign makes it an ideal habitat for a great number of beasts and birds and reptile.

Wildlife presence

Asiatic Elephant:

Rajaji park is famously known for its Asiatic Elephants. The recent census tells the presence of about 450 elephants in the region. Some of the important ranges like the Motichur range and the Chilla range is home to most of the Elephants in the region. Elephants are not good climbers and hence stays off the region which are mountainous.

Leopards The park is home to about 500-600 spotted Leopards. The thick density of Leopard means that the adjoining villages are under constant attack of Leopards. While full grown human and large beasts are safe from Leopard attacks, smaller cattle and young children as well women are sometimes easy prey for Leopard that strays off from their core habitat.


Tigers made comeback to the park region by early 2000 after being completely wiped off from the map. Rajaji was always home to Tigers since time unknown. But massive poaching by gangsters along with the help of Gujjar tribes ensured that all the Tiger were wiped by 1990’s from the park region. However, with the relocation of most of the Gujjar tribes from the park region means that Tigers are back. Per the latest census there were 15 tigers in the park range.

 Sambhar Deer



It is one of the lesser known Deer specie and lives in nuclear families rather than big herds. They are large specie of Deer and one of the favorite prey for Tiger.



Wanna explore Rajaji National Park?

Contact us and we will organize a outdoor camping expedition in and around Rajaji National Park. Since we are into serious outdoors we organize a camping activity near the park boundaries. (Note that camping within the park boundary is not feasible unless it is some research project). Nevertheless, we ensure that we try to quench your needs in best possible fashion. We would love to know what you exactly looking for so we can provide exactly what you looking for.









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