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Lakes of Uttarakhand - Recommended Lake Treks


Elevation: 4000 meters
Level - Medium
The Baraadsar lake/Ridge trek (covers Obra and Supin Valley) is less popular trek in Uttarakhand but amass with flora, fauna and views of greater Himalayas. The trek distance is about 65 km walking and ideally takes 5-7 days of hiking. Baraadsar lake lies at an altitude of approximate 4000 meters above mean sea level.

The trek to this sacred glacial lake amidst Himalayan peaks provides trekkers with an unmatched view of Himalayan peaks along with an opportunity to pass through Himalayan forests and opportunities to witness rare Himalayan wildlife. The Baraadsar lake was confined only to the locals till not long ago before it got explored, and today it's enjoyed by mountaineers from across the world.

The trek lies amidst the magnificent Govind Pashur Vihar wildlife sanctuary.


DEORIA TAL (Devariya or Deoriya)

Elevation: 2438 meters (7,999 ft)
Level - Easy
Deoria Tal is a small lake nestled amidst the Oak-wood forest, ideally meant for a days night camping. To reach the lake one will need to go for a 2-3 km hike from Sari and Matsura villages on Ukhimath-Chopta road. Despite been close to villages Deoria tal blends the uniqueness of Himalayan scenes and clean air to make it appear like a heavenly set-up on earth. The high rising peaks of Garhwal Himalayas like Chaukhamba and Nilkantha along with many others appears in the background of the lake. One can hike nearby during day hours. However one should safely get inside tents by night time as the area is frequented by Himalayan Black Bears and Leopards amongst other wildlife creatures.


Elevation: Approx 2400 meters (7,900 ft)

Nachiketa Tal is a small lake nestled amidst the Alpine and Oak-wood forest not very far from the town of Uttarkashi. It is a small lake that is teeming with fishes in the pond and no one is allowed fishing. But you will surely admire birds of many varieties always lurking around for fishes. Beers are known to frequent this lake for fishes. This lake is guarded by Hindu saints who are willing to share with you the historic and religious significance of this lake. 

Nachiketa tal lake is short hike of three (3) kms from Chaurangi Khaal (road-head) and the forest department takes a small fee from hikers. Trek to Nachiketa tal offers a breathtaking view of Garhwal Himalayas. September to November are the best months to visit the lake. It is a perfect place to get away from world and spend a quiet day along the lake.
Level - Easy  


Elevation: 4450 m
Level - Medium
The Roopkund lake is a lake of dead people. Trek to Roopkund lake is not just rejuvenating but also mysterious. For many years researchers have failed to give an explanation about the dead remains of tall people found around the lake. Their bones are still seen around the lake lying in debris. 


Elevation: 4135 m
Level - Easy to Medium
Vasuki tal lake is a steep 8 km hike from Kedarnath. The total trekking distance from Gaurikund (road-head) to Vauski tal is 22 km one side.

While one can stay at guest houses or ashram in Kedarnath one be prepared to camp at Vasuki tal. The weather can cold and windy up at the lake. So please carry warm clothes.

Note: The lake is inaccessible from November till March/April due to excessive snow. 


Elevation: 4572 m
Level - Difficult
Trekking to Sahastra tal is not easy. The long trekking trail takes you through the shepherd trails of Garhwal Himalayas and into the heart of Hinduism. The status of Sahastratal lake is sacred for Hindus.

It is a arduous task to reach Sahastra tal. Kindly ensure your backpack is nicely packed with all the items ticked in your list. Below is the trek route to Sahastra tal lake.

Malla (road-head) -> 5 km <- Silla -> 11 km <- Kush Kalyani -> 12 km <- Kyarki -> 14 km <- Shastra Tal -> 26 km <- Kalyani -> 5 km <- Gangi -> 10 km <- Reeh -> 10 km <- Ghuttu (road-head).


Elevation: 4912 m
Level - Difficult

Starting from Gangotri the arduous trek to Kedar tal takes you real far away to a place where you will hardly find any other trekker. Kedar tal is an isolated lake, while holding mysticism to Hindus. It is a must see place on earth for a seasoned mountaineer.

Trek route:
<Gangotri - Bhoj Kharak - Kedar Kharak - Kedar tal lake - Back to Gangotri>


Elevation: 3024 m
Level - Easy
Dodi Tal lake trek in Himalayas is almost a pilgrim trek as this lake is very sacred to Hindus - like several other lakes of Uttarakhand. It is relatively easier trek, but there is no dearth of natural beauty all through the trek. You will also be able to witness the remote Indian culture taking you back in history.

Trek route:

Sangam Chatti -> 7 km <- Bewra -> 14 km <- Dodi tal  



Elevation: 4750 m
Level - Hard
The lake is nestled on the base of Hathi - Ghori - Palki peaks and strikes out like a green emerald. The trek to the lake is an arduos one, especially because the trail to the Kagbhusandi lake is hardly used. It is easy to go off the trail if you are not under the leadership of a local guide. In fact, you need good trekking equipments, an expert crew of mountaineers who can accomplish treks of such magnitude with comparative ease. Do read about the trek route below and cautions you need to take while attempting Kagbhusandi trek.

Trek Route:
Govind Ghat (1900m) – Bhyundar Village (2500m) - Kargila (2980m) – Semartoli (3170m) – Raj Khark (3900m) - Kagbhushundi Tal (4730m) – Farswan Binayak (4200m) - Farswan Binayak – Jabbar Khark (2450m) – Painka village



Elevation - 4600 m
Level - Medium
Satopanth Tal Lake Trek in Uttarakhand
is an isolated trek in Garhwal Himalayas nestled on the base of legendary Nilkantha peak and several other prominent peaks in proximity. The Swargarohini peak Base Camp, views of Balakun Peak and Narayan Parbat peak are also part of the trek route. Mana peak is also visible from this location. Ideally speaking, this is a trek where you are surrounded by legendary Himalayan peaks.

Trek Route:
Badrinath - [13 km] - Laxmi Van (via Neelkanth Peak BC)  - [09 km] - Chakratirath - [06 km] - Satopanth Lake - [10 km] - Swargarohini Base Camp - and Back


Elevation - 4400 m
Level - Hard

Masar Tal lake is amongst the most isolated lakes of Garhwal Himalayas enroute Mayali Pass trek. Reaching Masar Tal takes a lot of courage as the trekking trail is arduous and long. However, once you reach Masar Tal all the tiredness evaporates with pristine nature welcoming you with open arms. Masar tal lake is on the route of the legendary Mayali Pass Trek and Auden's Col Trek Expedition.

Trek Route:
Ghuttu - Reehi - Gangi - Kharsoli - Chowki - Masar Tal - "Mayali Pass" - Vasuki Tal - Kedarnath - Gaurikund


Elevation - 5200 m
Level - Hard
Sapt kund (literally meaning seven lakes) is a group of mysterious lakes nestled in the foothills of gigantic Nandaghunti peak. The lakes are located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand at an altitude of 5000 meters. The trek to the lakes is an arduous one, but amassing with flora & fauna, pristine landscapes and unpredictable Himalayan weather.

Trek Route:
Chepna - Gooni - Doldhari - Patharkur - Markoli - Surya Ghat - Simbe Bugyal - Jura Gali - Devangan - Sapt Kund Lakes - Devangan - Jura Gali - Simbe Bugyal - Pudiyari - Jinji - Nigmulla


Altitude / Elevation - 4200 m
Level - Med/Hard
Nandi Kund Lake trek is not a beginners trek and needs ample stamina and will to reach to this isolated lake. Not very many people visit this lake as the trek is a strenuous one and saps a lot of energy. As with other lakes of state, Nandi Kund also plays a significant role to the religious sentiments of Hindu. There are legends for all the lakes and Nandi Kund Lake has a few of its own.

Trek Route:
Ukhimath - Bantoli - Madhmaheshwar - Kachani Tal - Pandav Sera - Nandi Kund - Vaitarani - Ghia Vinayak Pass - Maina Gad - Bansi Narayan - Kalpeshwar - Urgam 



Elevation: 5684 m

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Elevation: 3350 m
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Elevation: 4421 m

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