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Uttarakhand Himalaya Trekking and Wildlife Expeditions


IntoWild is a leading Trekking and Backpacking company that allows a commoner to ventures into the virgin Himalayas of Uttarakhand in India. The possibilities of exploring this Himalayan state through backpack trekking are immense with pristine landscape awaiting to be explored. By virtue of trekking in Himalayas you get a chance to get up & close with the nature that includes flora and a long list of wildlife species that are found here. Uttarakhand beats any wildlife zone in world. Be it the majestic Snow Leopard, the Bengal Tigers, Asiatic Elephant, Black Bears / Brown Bears / Sloth Bears, Stripped Hyena, Civets, King Cobra, Rock Python etc etc. This wildlife list is endless.

Trekking in Uttarakhand - India

Trekking & Mountaineering in Uttarakhand offers outdoor enthusiast a great opportunity to explore the highest peaks and remote valleys of Himalaya mountains. Preparations for trekking in Himalayas high terrains – through forests, rivers and deserts – demands courage and good fitness levels. All the fitness and courage comes beneficial when you go about exploring the shepherd trails of Uttarakhand Himalayas.    

Peak Climbing in Uttarakhand, India
Peaks of Uttarakhand Himalayas are globally famous for their towering status. You find a necklace of lofty peaks in Uttarakhand, India that pose a challenge no less daring than Everest, K2 and others (besides, ofcourse The Great Trango Tower). Some of the most challenging mountaineering expeditions of India takes you to the nauseating climbs of Nandadevi, Chaukhamba, Shivling, Kamet peaks, which passes through India in the state of Uttarakhand. When you decide to conquer those beasts of mountains you will need to prepare many months in advance and make necessary arrangements to ensure a trouble-free expedition. And this very feature of mountaineering makes it one of the most difficult of all sports we know.  

  What would one need to go atop peak at 6,500 meters above mean sea level?

Besides daredevilry you will need to arrange climbing permissions from Indian Mountaineering Federation (IMF), who advises mountaineers about the right period of chancing an expedition. These high peaks are accessible only for some days in a year and one need to be precise about their time of climbing or trekking. Besides the permission, one needs all the necessary gears of tent accommodation and cooking food. One would need first aid and the rescue kits. One would need a group of porter and ponies to haul the luggage. One would need to pack warm clothes. A mountaineering company with loads of experience and knowledge is capable of making your expedition a successful one.


 View of Mount Shivling in Uttarakhand, India

Mightiest peaks of Uttarakhand
Awesome lake treks of Uttarakhand
Best trails for backpack trekking in Uttarakhand



* Rated as the #1 spiritual tour destination on earth by Lonely Planet.

Gomukh is the snout of Gangotri glacier from where the river Bhagirathi comes alive on earth. The Gangotri glacier lies below Bhagirathi peak, hence the name Bhagirathi river. The river get its popular name Ganges only in Devprayag when its confluences with another prime river Alaknanda.

The trek to Gomukh – the source of Ganges – starts from Gangotri is about 20 km.
Click link for more on Source of Ganges Trek.


Mayali Pass trek is the road less traveled. Chancing Mayali Pass at about 5200 meters above MSL and witnessing holy lakes of Mahasartal and Vasuki tal.

The Khatling Glacier and Thalay Sagar peak are visible as soon as you reach Chowki campsite.

The Trek route is:
< Ghuttu - Reehi - Gangi - Kharsoli - Chowki - Mahasartal - Vasuki tal - Kedarnath - Gaurikund >
Click link for more on Mayali Pass trek.


The Valley of Flowers is a World Heritage Site. The blossoming flower at its prime during the Indian monsoon season is an unforgettable site. The park is a national park and also homes some endangered wildlife species.

Detailed information about this destination is provided at The Valley of Flowers page of this website.
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Kuari Pass trek can be shortened when one takes the shortened corridor. It means one can do the trek between Auli and Tapoban in either direction. The highlight of this shorter trek is the Gorson pass – which is a very narrow trail in the Gorson Mountain of about 3-4 kilometers. It is a delight but can leave heart-in-mouth because of its steep fall. However, the trail has been used for many years by locals, shepherds and trekkers.

Detailed description of this trek is provided at Gorson & Kuari Pass Trek.


Tugnath temple holds religious importance to Hindus. This ancient temple lies at 3680m above MSL and is 3 km trek from starting point Chopta. A little less than 2 km further ahead is Chandrashila Top the highest point of this mountain. It is an excellent destination for a budgeted 2-3 days trekking and local hiking option in trans-Himalayas.


The trek to mystery lake leaves you spellbound. Situated an an altitude of 4700m above MSL, the skeleton lake offers you a magnificent view of Himalayan peaks. The most captivating part about Roopkund lake trek is the presence of skeleton remains that are seen in and around the lake. 



Uttarakhand's first ever camera-trapped Snow Leopard (above) in Nandadevi National Park - Uttarakhand in 2011





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